Terms and Conditions of Sale of Original Art

1. Copyright:

1.1 I retain the copyright over my original work. The work may not be copied or reproduced in any form without my previous consent except for personal use.

2. Frames and Mounts

2.1 Work is sold unframed, except where indicated otherwise in the painting Specification

2.2 If the work is not already mounted or framed you may prefer to arrange this with your preferred framer after receipt, however if required I will assist you to arrange this with my usual framer Bespoke Framing to include

  • Delivering your purchased work to Bespoke Framing

  • Obtaining a delivery receipt from Bespoke on your behalf and emailing this to you.

  • Providing your contact details to Bespoke, after which you are responsible for agreeing the work you require, costs and timing, and delivery or collection arrangements directly with Bespoke.

3. Returns:

I will refund any purchase of original art which is made without your having first seen the physical media subject to the following:

3.1 You must notify me by emailing jacquie@jacquieturner.com that you wish to return the work within 24 hours of receiving it, attaching a copy of proof of delivery receipt in the same email. I will then provide you with a return address.

3.2 Please then return the work by registered or recorded post or courier service, properly packed in accordance with their instructions, and email me a copy of proof of your dispatch.

3.3 Returns must be dispatched to me within 7 days after your having received the work. Work which is not dispatched to me within 7 days of your receiving it will not be refunded except at my discretion.

3.4 Any returned work which is damaged in any way will not be refunded except at my discretion, and for this reason you are advised to insure the work for its purchase price with your carrier or by other means. I will provide evidence of the damage to assist you with making a claim against your insurance if required.

4. Damaged work

4.1 Upon collecting or receiving delivery of your purchase, before opening it please carefully inspect the packaging and photograph any signs of visible damage.

4.2 Unwrap the work carefully and check its condition, ideally at the location of collection or in the presence of the delivery driver.

4.3 Any damage to your purchase must be carefully photographed and notified to me by email jacquie@jacquieturner.com within 24 hours of receiving the work, and attaching photographs, a description of the damage and your delivery or collection receipt.

4.4 Provided that I receive sufficient evidence of damage having occurred during transit, we will then agree which course of action best suits you best. This might include for example

  • A return of the damaged work as described in 3.3. above in return for a full refund

  • A refund of the reasonable cost of repair subject to pre-agreed quotation

  • A partial refund if you wish to accept the work.