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Buying with confidence

We all know it's difficult to perceive the texture and “feel” of a physical work from its online version, or indeed judge the quality of any mounting and frame which may be included. In addition, the colour balance of digital images alters slightly when mounting on the website as well as being subject to further variations when viewed on different devices.

While of course I make every effort to describe each painting accurately and reproduce its image as faithfully as possible to the original, nonetheless I appreciate that for such a personal choice, it can be a leap of faith buying original art online without first being able to experience the work first hand and close-up.

For this reason I offer a 10 day approval period to clients who buy an original painting online without being able to see it first hand, failing which they may return the work for a full refund.


I hope that this reassures you however please see my Terms and Conditions of Sale below for full details.

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