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"Movement and illusion are created by the brush marks and colour which in turn reflect the environmental influences of a moment. I listen to eclectic music podcasts sent by friends while working in the open air on a cold bright spring evening or cosy in a tiny winter studio with my dogs beside the warm radiator late at night.  All these elements make creative differences.

I live in Cornwall for much of the year watching the water, sails and skies.  I paddle and sail along creeks and out to sea watching the sail boats, fishing boats and weather changes creating new colour and mood and the movement I want to capture.

Sketching is a luxury, but for me photography is vital to use alongside visual memory. The inspirational moments are sudden and can disappear in just a few seconds, so the drawers and walls in my Buckinghamshire studio are crammed with photos and cuttings sometimes waiting years to be the spark that initiates an idea or painting."

Jacquie has a degree in Fine Art and studied at Winchester School of Art when the inspirational Gillian Ayres was head of painting.

After graduating she supported herself working at Marlborough Fine Art in London which represents Henry Moore, Francis Bacon, Graham Sutherland and the amazing Frank Auerbach.  Jacquie moved to the Arts Council working part time and then briefly to The Tate Gallery before leaving to paint full time.

Jacquie exhibits her sailing and marine paintings throughout the year in Cornwall, and The Linda Blackstone Gallery has shown her work at Art fairs in London and major cities around the world since 1987.

A keen paddleboarder and sailor, Jacquie can often be found afloat (with her dogs!) on the Thames or one of the south Cornish creeks.

Download Jacquie's summary Biography

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